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Portable Solar Chargers

12V Portable Folding Solar PanelPortable solar chargers have only recently become quite popular in the solar market. Advancing technology has made generating renewable, clean energy from small, portable packages more practical and useful these days: and, portable solar chargers are gaining a stronger, more stable foothold in the market for solar products. This trend should continue as solar panel efficiency increases, and small batteries with higher and higher capacities are developed. Portable solar chargers are lightweight, handy, and compact for travel. You can transport them easily, and many are made for charging a wide array of mobile devices. Portable solar charging systems are perfect for camping, biking, travelling, boating, fishing, hunting, and especially for lightweight backpacking.

The 3 P's to Choosing a Portable Solar Charger

Portable solar chargers have always had some issues because of their extremely small size, and choosing one is all about balance. There are three key points to consider that I like to call the "Three P's to Choosing Portable Solar Chargers":

  • POWER: The first P to consider is if a portable charger will produce enough Power to meet your needs. Often this is a portable solar chargers biggest limitation.
  • PORTABLE: In a lot of use cases you will want to make sure that the charger is actually Portable enough for your needs. If you're backpacking, you will want to lean a lot more towards a lighter weight charger and carry-ability compared to someone buying a solar panel for their R.V.
  • PRICE: The last P is the Price of a charger. Generally portable solar chargers are cheaper, but can also be somewhat expensive because of the engineering that goes into making some of them small, durable, and efficient.


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